Assam: Fire in municipal landfill leaves many choking in North Lakhimpur

Tuesday, 23 Feb, 11.22 pm

A fire in the landfill of North Lakhimpur Municipality Board (NLMB) in North Lakhimpur town has left local residents of a wide area choking in the past one week.

The garbage dumping ground, located on the bank of Somdiri river in Ward No. 14 of North Lakhimpur, where the NLMB regularly dumps solid wastes, caught fire on February 16 allegedly set on by some miscreants.

The fire and smoke, mixed with pungent smell has formed a thick smog in the area affecting people living in nearby areas with eye irritations, sore throat and burning sensations on nostrils, pausing a threat to public health which is returning to normalcy following COVID19 pandemic.