Bills in Karnataka likely against cow slaughter, 'love jihad' as a push for BJP's Hindutva agenda

Friday, 20 Nov, 9.53 pm

The BJP government is likely to table bills to prohibit cow slaughter and religious conversions for marriage (also termed as love jihad) in the upcoming winter session of the legislature, in what will be seen as a push for the party's Hindutva agenda in Karnataka.

"Cow slaughter ban will be a reality in Karnataka in the near future," BJP national General Secretary C T Ravi said in a tweet.

Ravi said he had spoken to Animal Husbandry Minister Prabhu Chauhan on getting the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter & Preservation of Cattle Bill passed in the Cabinet and table it in the upcoming Assembly session that starts December 7.

Ban on cow slaughter was BJP's poll promise in its 2018 Karnataka election manifesto.