1,000-yr-old Hassan temple's idol broken

Saturday, 21 Nov, 8.06 am

The destruction of the idol of Dakshina Kali or Bhadrakali at Doddagaddavalli Chatushkuta Temple, which dates back to 1113 CE, in Hassan has prompted an investigation by the district police following allegations of foul play.

Balakrishna D J, a Carnatic musician, who lives opposite to the temple in Doddagaddavalli, told DH that the idol was found broken in two pieces on Friday morning.

"The idol was intact and my brother Venkatesh had performed pooja yesterday evening. Today (Friday), around 6.45 am, while lighting the lamp he saw the idol had fallen on its face and broken in two," he said.

A shocked Venkatesh took the upper part of the face and placed it in an upright position.